“”Getting dress for work”” pt 1

Good Morning Guys,

A Major Concern

Am I the only one with  the awkward moment of getting dress for work in the morning.. I find myself preparing my outfits the night before. I go as far as ironing, matching shoes and all…YET, I never end up wearing what I choose. Its like a sense of going to bed with “I’m not satisfy with my outfit”…and doing it all over again …..Is it a female thing?  I don’t know,even when I’m running late for work, its ME against the CLOSET  I just have to satisfy that urge of changing my outfit..hmmm, pretty weird>>>> or rather normal>>>

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11 thoughts on ““”Getting dress for work”” pt 1

  1. Ha ha, thats funny because I have the same issue with getting dress for any occasion. I think its a female thing… Or maybe it is a sense of fashion… IDK

  2. Right now I don’t have a corporate job so I can wear whatever I want, my job only restricts wearing sweat pants. I usually dont pick something out the night before,because like you I will change my mind in the morning. Somedays I feel like being comfortable and wear a scrub, other days I feel like wearing a pair of slacks and a sweater and other days I just feel like wearing a pair of jeans and a fitted TShirt.

    • HaHa,, Girl I’m gonna be real and say I evny you.. I do feel crappy at times getting late to work or missing my breakfast just because I have to pick out that outfit.. A pair of jeans and fitted shirt works well for me, then again choosing a pair of jeans becomes a hassle..I want to say its just me but I do have friends who have the same issue..
      Thanks for the luv Racquel… xoxo

  3. Adriana Nunez on said:

    well i hear all you ladies loud and clear this is an ongoing battle for me in the morning at times, i wish i wore an uniform even thow i love to mix and match my outfits and look forward to wearing heels. picking them out the night before def helps to aleveate the what will i wear today!!!

    • I av uniform and it doesn’t make it any easier for me because they’re diff styles and colours. So. sometimes i’m like, “shud i wear the dress, skirt or pant, which colour shud i choose, etc etc” Jus sayin uniform makes it no easier in my case. As for the shoes, that’s another story

  4. Im sure evry1 knows this line “hmm 15mins leave,hmm 10mins leave, hmm 5 mins leave, hmm cho mi late already yah.kmt,hmm wat 2 wear?

  5. JAE JAE on said:

    It happens very often. The thing that used must do is dress according to your mood. The way you feel is the way you dress. If your in a “EH” mood you’ll probably find yourself wearing darker colors. The simplest solution to your dilemma is picking out your outfit in the morning. Or better yet pick out 2 before you go to sleep. By the way your blog site is interesting.

  6. Jason McEwan on said:

    Yea, for some reason I have a hard time selecting which t-shirt I’m gonna wear with my honey-stained Levi jeans. I do believe my mid-shin high Water Boots compliment my rugged persona but at the same time adds to my boyish charm.

    • Haha, Jason…… Hmmm ‘honey stained Jeans’,,, I smell fashion right *winks*. You make it into whatever you wish. The important thing is that you get dress and you feel comfortable in your wear….
      Thanks for the Luv,,, xoxo

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