Which Celebrity Fashion Inspires You Most?

Happy Thursday Beautiful Peoples:

We see them everyday on the TV, in the magazines on billboards. They are all over and they make a great impact on how we ‘want’ to dress ourselves. For me, I have a lengthy list of celebs who I loves to see in the works. To narrow them down: Amber Rose– why? because she can rock a t-shirt n heels and still pull it off well.Jennifer Lopez,,Ummm speechless..she is a BAD… Beyonce, why? Simply because she is Beyonce 🙂 Lauren Conrad, young,cheek,trendy she rocks anything well. Victoria Beckham, The chick is just BAD.  I could go on and on and on……. For the Males, I would say Mr. Kanye West, I love that man dressing in anything…put everything aside, the man is fashion certified.  Nobody rock a suit like David Beckham-I call him the suit genius… 😉 Jamaican dancehall regage artist Beenie Man– certified fashion star, now he’s the boss… I can also go on and on with the men, however I’ll let you do your own addition. You also have the option to agree or disagree with my choices 🙂 Lets have fun doing this. Remember what have in common, we all love fashion……. xoxo

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10 thoughts on “Which Celebrity Fashion Inspires You Most?

  1. RII RII on said:

    I will never get Tired of ***RIHANNA*** she is the woman of the year, shes Beautiful and amazing!!!! shes the PERFECT FASHIONISTA !!! HER STYLE IS VERY CLASSY AN ALSO EDGY….LUV LUV LUV HER<3<3

  2. JAE JAE on said:

    totally agree with your choice of Kanye, the guy is simply the best at fashion.

  3. I love rhianna, and JLo and you are correct, I agree with your picks,, by the way love your blogsite… Yum for David Beckham

  4. Justin Timberlake…yes,yes, I know but the dude fashion sense is swagstastic. The guy does it all from the red carpet to walking the streets of NY and LA.

  5. I admire rihanna style to the max. Also victoria beckham. They wear their stuff with confidence and that’s what I LOVE. For me fashion is confidence, once your confident you can make anything work.

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