Who remembers growing up and might still be…. whenever it comes to FRIDAY that is the time we get some ‘le-way’ with wearing what we want, or wearing something from the norm. Whether its ‘Jeans Friday’ or ‘Dress up Friday’ or in the corporate world ‘Free Friday’ We get to wear something different, and that’s when we tend to do the fashion thing or make it cute 😉

Now I want to know whats your ULTIMATE  friday wear or what are you wearing today. For me I get to wear green every friday and I also find it fun because I know I want that green blouse, or green accessory to flash.. Another fun thing is seeing all my co-workers wearing the same color on the same day. How cool?

Today I’m wearing a green top which I think is rather unique. I ‘ll post my top later… Your gonna love it 😉

Lets me know whats your ultimate Friday wear or what you wearing today ❤

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9 thoughts on “*ULTIMATE FRIDAY WEAR*

  1. Jason McEwan on said:

    Now that my Fridays now consists of honey deliveries, I’m thinking about breaking away from the stereo-typical farmer apparel and do a little semi-casual thing where I wear a button down, short sleeve shirt with some straight fitted denim jeans. As a coupe de grace, I will wear my all black Hugo Vitelli shoes with black socks. Yes folks, farmerboy is bringing sexy back to Agriculture.

    • Lol looooove it,, now thats some proud fashion spill.. lol, farmer boy brought sexy back to Agriculture. I looove it <3.. I need you on all my post, very interesting replys;) .. I think you need to get that honey-work branded or make some shirts or something, i'll help you sell them…
      Thanks hun

  2. I enjoy wearing jeans on fridays at my job. A button down professional and a nice skinny jeans or boot cust jeans works well for me. i’m actually wearing that right now. By the way love your topics, pretty interesting.

  3. Rocking a green tie on fridays is pretty cool..Because of the different shades of green,,,makes it fun

  4. On fridays it depends on where i go. If Im going out i would wear what commplements the occasion . bust i perfer dressy casual

  5. I’m a huge fan of dressing casual. My ask us to dress casual on fridays and I’M super cool with that… Nothing like feeling free in your clothes. Cool blog girl.

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