*Fashion Statement of the week*

I love me a simple look which makes it more than what it is.  Its very simple to pull off a look like this but only people with a creative minds. This is absolutely stunning, and what makes it more stunning is the fact that she pulled off a zebra stripe pumps with a peach dress and simple accessories.  Can you say FASHION ❤

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11 thoughts on “*Fashion Statement of the week*

  1. oscar ortiz on said:

    She’s hott as F**k…Fashion.

  2. samantha lawhoa on said:

    this is a very cute and sophisticated look, never knew the zebra stripe would look so good with this outfit. unlikely match but great 2gether

  3. tee baby on said:

    simple is in for 2012, cute, i think a bright blue shoes would make the dress pop more dont u think

  4. Simply stunning! I am certain that she didn’t even put much effort in this look! Great pick!!

  5. oh i so love gabriel union even if she beats a tearup shorts and blouse she still looks good 2 me, but 2 me simple is always good because sometime we do too much and go overboard. Its all about coordination if your going 2 mix colors mix the right ones and accessories always give your outfit that pop as well

  6. absolutely stunning, I love it…….Great Pick

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