*Repeating your Wear*

Happy Mondays Guys……

What do you think about repeating your wears. Whether its a shoes, dress, shirt or simply an outfit, most  of people are under the impression that ‘oh I wear that already, I cant wear it again”. Whats your take on it?  Most individuals have the belief that repeating your wears is a bad thing to do. Sometimes its simply an EGO popping out or maybe its the DIVA in the females;). I personally believe that is perfectly normal to repeat your wears, after all its your clothes/shoes right? For me, repeating signifies a sign-of- ownership. The reason it was bought is simply because you like it. Why would you like something and wear it once just to please others. Repeating also becomes an issue after social networks e.g Facebook, allows us to start posting our photos. Haha….Really? I say wear what you want as much times you want and be confident doing so. Even the people who we follow  and admire daily repeat their wear and seems comfy doing so, yes celebs repeat their wears too. Agree/ Disagree..Whats you take on it…………..

One of our very own Fashionistas alongside many others does it…

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18 thoughts on “*Repeating your Wear*

  1. Stacey-Ann on said:

    I used to have a problem repeating my wears but now I just switch it up so if I already wore a shirt I will just wear it with another pair of jeans so it seems like a new fit lol

  2. its definately ok to repeat ur wear just not in quick successions…….i believe that if u can’t repeat it…u borrowed it…that me!!!

    • YESSSSS!!! I strongly believe in that saying…. If celebs wear it and wear it comfortably n well– then why cant we wear it and feel the same way. A matter of fact, its ignorant to think its ok not to wear your clothes twice because of what one may think. Thnaks for your imput girl… 😉 respected

  3. Jae Jae on said:

    Repeating an outfit is okay at times. Women need to be cautious with dresses that draw attention. People will always recongnize what you’re wearing especially if it’s a bright dress that stands out. Obviously you’re wearing it to get noticed, what you don’t want is for for someone to notice and think to themselves, “Didn’t she wear that last week?”. Darker color dresses can be warn numerous times because it’s harder to tell if it’s being worn again.

    When it comes to men they tend to have anywhere between 4-7 pairs of jeans with a wide variety of shirts to mix and match. What guys tend to do is dress according to where they’re going and who’s going to be there.

  4. Great topic, now-a-dys people is too caught up with what people has to say about their outfit being repeated. Fashion is nothing but being unique and feeling comfortable in your outfit. Dont listen to anyone wear what you want and when you want. Just make it work.

  5. tee baby on said:

    in this economy u dont have a choice but to repeat, but just make sure u switch it up a lil example different accessories/shoes/hair, sometimes ppl dont even notice n first rule dont repeat too soon.

  6. Kev-Kev on said:

    I think its kool to repeat. Sometimes that shirt/outfit or whatever looks good the 2nd time around. Jus don’t wear it 3 days in a row back to back. If you spend your money on your clothes then it should be a problem to repeat. Only ignorance and a huge ego will make it a problem. Who cares what people think,they will talk negative about no matter what you do. Mix and Match, and just have fun with it 😉

  7. I TOTALLY agree with you sheraine. Repeat your clothes as much as you want to. Why buy something to wear once and then not again because one is trying to prove something. I don’t know what they trying to prove but the funny thing is, no matter how hot and rich they say they are, they repeat their undergarments. So if one does that what’s wrong with that unless your wearing your clothes to please others. For me, I wear my clothes to please me and try to buy clothes that I can wear as a dress, then dress it u with a pants turning it into a shirt, wearing it with a belt, dressing it up or down etc. Fashion is making whatever you have work at anytime you want to regardless how many times you have worn it before.

  8. renae on said:

    wen she was out with her hubby lol

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