Its always a debate on whether a blazer is IN or OUT of style..  Fashion lovers a blazer is the piece of clothing that never goes out of style. Its that piece of garment that you NEED in your closets.  I call it the “wonder-worker”. Its so convenient to accessorize your outfit with a blazer. Whether its a work dress,  a club outfit, or simply a jeans with a tank or t-shirt, a blazer makes it happen. Again I point to celebs because SOMETIMES they are the ones who influence our fashion in some way or the other…. No body works a blazer like Kim-K ….  It doesn’t matter how simple her outfit is, her blazers always makes it in trend ,,,,It very simple wearing a blazer..1. Be sure to get one that hugs your body, 2. Ensure the blazer does not have the width to be too spacey (doesn’t button) or 3. If it does button, then let it be just one button. 4.You don’t want your blazer looking like a regular jacket or a regular wear, remember  its a STATEMENT you are trying to make with the blazer 😉 5. Always ensure your blazer has a unique shape or cut, again its a blazer! 6. A blazer can be worn with anything, take the risk and make it work!

Lets see

Also will be posting the most unique, low cost blazer later…. Happy Blogging

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8 thoughts on “**THE BOOM OF A BLAZER**

  1. A blazer is a “must have”!! It goes with anything and some outfits might not pop by itself but once you throw that blazer over it, it looks like you coming off the catwalk from milan!!!!

  2. Amazing. Thanks girl on your tips for wearing a blazer… I love the pics you posted, she does wear a blazer well.

  3. blazers are truly a fashion statement.. gotta get me some !!

  4. I like the idea best blazer hookup is with a jeans pants or a jeans shorts 😉

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