*Men In Skinny Jeans*

Happy Friday to you all Fashion Lovers

Today I blog about the topic you guys voted for—–‘men in skinny jeans’ . What do you think about it?  Over the years fashion has take a different turn when it comes to men vs women.  The hot trend for the past few years is men dressed in skinny jeans or tight Jeans. Haha.. Ladies whats your take on it….? Are you offended when a guy rock a jeans better than you do…. lol. Guys what do you think about it? Is your jeans too skinny-what do you think about seeing your fellow sexes in skinny jeans? Do you wear them?  Is is a fashion statement or a fashion mess….

For me, I am fair with my juding of fashion. Men in tight or skinny jeans can make a statement. It depends on how you decide to wear it. It can also be a fashion mess if you decide to go tighter than my jeans or look sexier in what I wear after all, we are not the same sex… 😉 Whats your take on it peps…Happy Blogging 😉





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14 thoughts on “*Men In Skinny Jeans*

  1. When its ‘straight and fitted’ you definitely can make a fashion statement.

  2. Men can wear skinny jeans, and be very fashionable. But!! Its no no to the ones that’s tighter than your girlfriend’s!

  3. so funny cuz i have an issue with men dressing like their women.. thats nonesense…cut it out guys,, you are so right, their jeans should not be tighter than ours,,, Done Deal….

  4. Nekisha on said:

    I must say men in skinny jeans r sometime sexy it just depends on how its worn

  5. i could never have a man who is dressed in tight pans. in today’s world we can hardly differentiate between the straight and the gay.

  6. lol.. got that right,,, you are absolutely correct,, it now a days hard to differentiate a gay vs a straight man because of their dressing….

  7. Derp Derpington on said:

    I wear skinny jeans myself, but not as tight as those in the two first pictures. Those two often make me vormit, but yeah, I wear them (I’m straight). Most people tell that people who wear skinny jeans are gay, but they’re not, most of the awesomest skaters wear them because they can do tricks better, clothes can’t change a person’s personality.

    That is pretty alright, but when I get older I will drop the skinny jeans.

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