AFTER Holiday FEEL *crappy* LOOK :-(

Dear Blog,

So I think christmas was rather  ok this time around. Had a get-together with a few friends…. It was fun until I remember ‘work tomm’…. 😦  Now a day  like today where I wore whatever was insight…I look and feel like crap..

I call it the “After Fun” look……..LOL  Where the hair is wrapped up after it was down, straight and flowing…..  No jewellery and most of all the ugly tired face look..

P.s I’m very  annoyed being that half the companies in the world is close, except for my Job… 😦 oh well, paying the bills, getting pretty comes with a price.  😦

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3 thoughts on “AFTER Holiday FEEL *crappy* LOOK :-(

  1. Jason McEwan on said:

    Sucks that you had to go to work on Monday while Jamaicans went to work on Wednesday. Maybe it’s time you move back home 😀

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