Hello Fashion Lovers…

What on your mind approaching the new year…  Every year we have our “New Year Resolution” or we simply have things we want to change our improve…  Wanna hear mine…..

Actually tell me about yours and then i’ll follow up with my response 😉

Remember anything goes…. Happy Blogging …….

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8 thoughts on “WHATS ON YOUR MIND….

  1. new years resolution: lose this belly fat for M I A M I….

  2. whats on my mind for the holidays? Alot..first of all making more money, changing my closet and my look and being more free spirited.

    • I hear that,,, yes making more money is always a resolutuon for everyone..so yes totally agree. The closet part, I really want to clean out mine..lol *covers face* free spirited is a must…Its a great feeling.. Thanks for that..

  3. Nekisha on said:

    Dnt wanna change anything just improve everything

  4. Jason McEwan on said:

    1. Growing my business
    2. Travel a little more
    3. Teach my daughter to read (she’s 2 years old)
    4. Clear some debts (and maybe acquire some new ones :D)
    5. Sleep longer hours
    6. Propose to the writer of this blog
    7. Learn mix martial arts.

    • uhhhh super cool….. Best wishes for all those goals,..
      1. good stuff i would love to grow my own business
      2. Travelling is awesome,just dont settle
      3. kudos,,, about time to get my own 🙂
      4. clearing debts is always a cry for everyone..some I’m on that one as well
      5. omg…Thats has to be my number one goal 😦
      6. lol >>pretty interesting….
      7. Stop wasting my money paying for gym and actually attend… oh and actually do some kickboxing instead on playing bouji with nails..lol

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