**Eye Catching Look 101**

To start off to the new year,,,

Choose this pic for a few reason. I love when a look captures the eyes.  The entire look was fashion worthy…

Note the Look:

A  fitted cut blazer, straight fitted Jeans and Boots…Now every guy can pull off this look…

1. Blazer: A definite fitted

2. Jeans: Just right

3. Boot A major success…..

4. Note the Plaid shirt and the Plaid enhancement on the blazer 😉


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14 thoughts on “**Eye Catching Look 101**

  1. definitely a good look for a guy.

  2. Kev-Kev on said:

    Can’t pick a favorite look..the whole outfit was a success! Love how he added the brown boots to finish off the look, alot of guys can’t pull this look off. Job well done 🙂

  3. Loving da look!!

  4. Omg, this is a hot look.. I love everything about it. I admire his blazer and plaid connection..*two thumbs up*

  5. Hot look,,,, love the pic… Handsome guy too 😉

  6. stacey on said:

    omg i love shane’s look & yes the trick with the oatmel works ive tried it oatmel coats your stomach so it keeps you full longer

  7. Simple and clean. I like! Only think I have a question mark about is what in his blazer pocket? If that a plaid kerchief that’s a no no! Plaid on plaid don’t go hand in hand. There’s a big interference right there because that purple plaid is drawing away from the blue plaid. That’s just ma thought but I also understand ppl like to be different and make a statement. I would choose a plain purple kerchief though. Despite that again good job!!!!

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