**Flat Belly Diet**

Way to kick  of the the new year with a relief from the guilt of eating up all that food from Thanksgiving, Christmas into New Years. Most time people like myself have no time for the gym due to their busy schedule, thus leading into guilty weight gain or weight retain…  Loosing weight is Almost one of everyone New Year Resolution. Lets be honest, everyone wants that banging bod to fit their outfit especially when the spring and summer time is coming up 🙂

According to a few inquiries the most simplest way of loosing belly weight fast is to try the flat belly diet….

1. Oatmeal  and green tea for breakfast. I always know oatmeal works because it does the trick for me a couple of times. 😉 Most of people think skipping breakfast helps to loose weight. No…Its does Not! It actually allows more fat to be built up when you don’t eat. So keeping it simple…. Oatmeal (preferably no sweetened)for breakfast with a green Tea… yes green tea helps to loose weight fast….  I proved it 😉

2. Smoothies. Whether its a fruit or vegetable smoothie..a smoothie is the way to go.  A smoothie is a blend of the fruits and vegetable we hate to eat in a normal way….. A smoothie will substitute a complete meal, it has some of the most important nutrient the body needs to live on and at the same time cleaning it…. So instead of an oatmeal, you can drink a smoothie for breakfast, lunch and dinner with bites of fruits in between. A lot of celebrities fast weight lost comes from fruit smoothie diet daily. It can be expensive, fruits are,,,, But! Gym is also expensive….  I personally will be trying the smoothie diet and I will let you know as how that works.

3. Drink lots of water and Lime Juice but DONT go drinking water only to substitute a meal,, its not healthy!

>>A few effective Smoothie recipes proven to work in weeks:

BlueBerry Smoothie:

-1 cup skim milk

-1 cup frozen  unsweetened blueberries (can use any other fruits to replace blueberry)

-1 Tbsp organic flaxseed oil

B-L-E-N-D and Enjoy!!!!!!!!!

Peanut Butter and Banana Smoothie:

– 1/2 cup fat free milk

-1/2 plain yougurt

-2 tbsp natural peanut butter

-ripe bananas

-1 tbsp honey

BLEND with ice……..

(P.S, peanut butter is good for the protein your body needs)

Mango Smoothie

-1/4 cup mango cubes

-1/4 mashed ripe avocado/pear

-1/2 cup mango juice

-1/4 fat free vanilla yogurt

-1 tbsp freshly squeezed lime juice

BLEND with Ice……

-Good old Strawberry-Banana Smoothie- A classic without sugar

Don’t go starving yourself to loose weight now, after all not eating makes you unhealthy and harder to loose weightbut definitely try the smoothie diet..

G-O-O-D  L-U-C-K 😉

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6 thoughts on “**Flat Belly Diet**

  1. Nekisha on said:

    Girl I use turbo gym dvd n my Abdoer

  2. I have done the green tea thing and continue to do it but still gain weight anyways but am willing to try the oatmeal i dont wanna lose anything but my tummy lol

  3. tee baby on said:

    i dont really like fruit smoothies unless its oats n banana…

  4. It’s called determination babe..,, although Oats and banana is pretty healthy….

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