So a major ~FASHION~ pet peeve of mine… seeing accessories worn wrong.  Accessories-jewelry are very popular now-a-days. They take over on the actual gold and silver jewelry. There are some accessories that’s even more expensive  the actual gold/silver jewelry. I really admire jewelry and gets super excited. BUT 😐 We  need to ensure  that we are on top of how we wear them 😉   Is definitely  a No-No when when we wear them looking either over clouded or too tacky…..

* Gaudy Rings: Rings are my favorite accessories. …I love me some gaudy rings.

These rings are major statements….. They are  fashionable and fun, but can also be worn wrong.


**note if the ring is too much, forget the hand accessories.

* When wearing long earring, there is absolutely no need to wear a neck wear. The earring gives off the flavor, the necklace will distract all that flavor you have going. Or if you do decide to wear a necklace, make sure its something–super  simple.

*Gaudy necklace:  Love them, however if you are going to wear a over-the-top gaudy necklace, there’s no need to wear a gaudy earring. They both clash. A simple nice stud will do the trick  😉

*Neck chokers are today’s WOWZERS. Yes! the 70’s is back. Neck chokers are goes well with tube tops or deep cut shirts and dresses.

*The Feathers: Another trendy look, *feathers*Dont over do it. Make it wearable and fashionable. the trick with feathers, keep it simple.

*Pearls: Another of my favorite accessories>>They never goes out of style. I say wear them but with caution. Too much pearls  can be a huge FASHION-NO-NO:  Again, keep it simple…


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  1. ScreamiingG loveeeee

  2. Well said. Females have a tendency to over do the look. serious looking so clown-like. I love how you lay it out straight forward

  3. HOT! I love it. Can i have all those rings. Do you own them,lol

  4. Kev-Kev on said:

    Omg!! Accessories are my #1 Faves! I love love love them! Im loving the rings especially dani’s ring..them spikes is killing me 😉 I like the feather look. Its cute. I’ve never had a set of pearls..I need to invest in some. Mmmm im liking the gaudy necklaces to,gotta get me some of those..like the loooooong earrings but not on me. It feels weird lol. But I love all the looks thou.. p.s. The people modeling the rings,their nails look pretty 🙂

  5. Chilly Pepper on said:

    Love the gaudi rings.

  6. Two thumbs up

  7. lmignott on said:

    Ur doing a great job n u r correct abt acessory over load

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