Ladies Ladies,

Happy March 1st  Fashion Lovers. What better way to start out the Spring season than to #LaughOutLoud at these new Fashion Trends. Really? Pajamas are back in style .-. and not the ones you wear to bed. Well yes, the ones you wear to bed but trending in as our every day wears. Its called Fashion, Its called trend its called Make-it-work! Now that is something to talk about and something to consider trending…………………

Whats your style, I think I you can make it happen once you do it right. It’s all about taking risk. Yes FASHION is RISK! I really like most of these look, now face it, some may laugh and say never…… but hey its fashion and style and I’m all for it… Check out these pajama-inspired trends. Which would you wear?





















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3 thoughts on “~PAJAMA-TRENDS~

  1. Kev-Kev on said:

    I looooooove the 3rd one. The first one is nice too. And that dark midnight blue one is HOTT!! The 3rd to last one is nice too. Shoot I would rock them,fashion is wearing what inspires u 😉

  2. Ohhh! I am ready to cruise around town in pjs. Lovely.

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