Designer Mr West

Hello Fashion Lovers,


Are you as curious as I am about Kanye West designing skills. Apparently Kanye has a new career title added to the many he already has. Kanye West has partner up with Italian designer Giuseppe Zanoti to create his very own shoes line for women. 
I personally think Kanye is gifted and hands down has always had an eye for fashion. He’s always making ‘fashion statements’ in his day to day wear.
Now how do you like his first style of wear. I think its a different and unique look, with a price of almost $US6000.. it has to be comfy and more…… 😉 #JustSaying….




By the way…..Congrats Kanye…. Another designer to look out for.

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5 thoughts on “Designer Mr West

  1. tyson on said:


  2. Kev-Kev on said:

    They’re different but cute..i like them,kutos to kanye 🙂

  3. Shinese on said:

    Love them to the max, its the Gemini in him he is showing his Creative side..

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