Sorry Nicki Fans, This is not Fashion.. Just a refreshner of of what a Fashion disaster looks like…..

You ask me, I posted 😉

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7 thoughts on “*NICKI ON THAT HOT MESS*

  1. danielle brown on said:

    hot mess

  2. Shane on said:

    she looks horrible

  3. renae on said:

    lol lol what is this chick doing to herself. this shit is only for lady GaGa ah bwoy

  4. Roxanne O'Connor on said:

    Omg…….seriously niki?…. u look like use house hold equipments

  5. Nicole on said:

    What the hell is wrong with that gurl?! Smh!

  6. Shinese on said:

    Not comment waste of time, just like her lyrics, no sense….

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