Alexander McQueen FaceOff

Who wore it Best >>>> Nicki Minaj, Amber Rose and Jen in Alexander McQueen lace up leather boots. … Who wore it Best… Tell you what I think later 😉




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4 thoughts on “Alexander McQueen FaceOff

  1. Nick looks fat! 😀

  2. Kev-Kev on said:

    Jen looked nice,ALL BLACK EVERYTHING! But for a shoes like that,your outfit gota be the ish! Nicki looked ok..but over did the pink & orange too much. Ummm amber?? Maybe if she did a lil tighter camouflage pants and a sexy tank or tube top or a tight sleeveless pants jumper or wateva you call those things with the leather vest instead of the oversized jumper,then maybe it will look good. Dont like her selection for them I think im going to go with Jen. Its a good outfit for the shoe. Shouldve put a pop of color but it works

  3. It’s between amber and jenn ! Amber gave if a rugged look that goes well with the type of boot. Where as jenn made it cute and simple with a little edge !

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