Personal Stylist……in Effect

Dear Fashion TConnor and Fashion Lovers,

Happy Monday to you all. I thought I’d keep you up to date with my weekend. Well, I didn’t do much for it to be super interested. However, I did one exciting thing. I actually took a friend of mine shopping. She actually wanted to change her professional look and style. I always complement her on her body and asked why she never took advantage of her physique. I would always tell her “friend’ you have a banging ass body, work it” Lol

So, we went shopping and for me I would say ‘Sheraine’ in action- something I enjoy doing. This was kinda like my first unofficial Personal Styling job 😉 I think we did great with the overall task. I must say she was very co-operative with the look I choose. I did not have a hard time convincing her with trying new stuff. We went with changing up her colors she was use to and her actual style of outfits. I’m sure she will be comfy with her new look as she gets familiar with it day by day. I’m also sure she will be noticed in her new wears 😉 I felt proud. I think I did a good job and just knowing how much she was appreciative made me feel better. Mission Accomplished!!!!!

Well what can I tell you? I love styling. A year ago I pass on a job of being a personal stylist. I never really saw it as a career. However, it’s something I really love to do. I had planned to do it on the side, but…… ‘the busy cares of life’ still does not allow me to do so. Actually, if you ask me, I’ll tell you I do styling on a daily basis. I’m always getting compliments on my look, style and outfits. I’m always suggesting changes and what can be done better to improve someone’s look. So I’m going to claim that title and live that dream…. 😉

Enjoy your day Fashion Lovers~~~~~

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